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Dr. Pedro Cordovez is licensed in the State of Florida as an Acupuncture Physician and is certified by the State for acupoint injection therapy. He graduated with a masters degree in Oriental Medicine and a bachelor of science in Human Health at the renowned Florida College of Oriental Medicine in Orlando, Florida.

With more than 16 years of medical experience, Dr. Pedro has been exposed to a wide variety of medical cases in over 21 countries, obtaining valuable insights that have helped him to become a highly seasoned practitioner. His investigative journey into the medical practices and patient experiences of different cultures reconfirmed Dr. Pedro’s experience that Chinese Medicine is the best strategy to treat the body and achieve overall wellness.

After several successful years in international business, Dr. Pedro decided to switch careers so he could make a direct and positive impact in the lives of others. His sense of purpose is a constant motivating factor as he engages patients in their healing journey. It has been said that every journey starts with a single step; Dr. Pedro’s journey started 16 years ago, helping him enrich thousands of patient’s lives all over the world.


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