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Dr. Chris Kunis, MD

Dr. Chris Kunis is a licensed medical physician and the area AHCA Director for MedExpress Urgent Care in Tampa. He has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years and has held director positions at many notable companies including CSL Plasma. Dr. Kunis received his Doctorate in Medicine at the renowned Ross University School of Medicine in Florida and has authored several medical papers in such prestigious publications as the Journal of Surgical Orthopedic Advances.

Years of great patient care and a terrific sense of humor have garnered Dr. Kunis the respect and admiration of both patients and colleagues alike. Dr. Kunis developed an affinity for stem cells and regenerative medicine early in his career while doing cellular research during graduate school. His findings spurred his fascination with this developing medical technology that continues to this day.

When not helping patients, Dr. Kunis enjoys music and has a special interest in the therapeutic effects music can offer. He is also an avid photographer with a passion for wildlife photography.


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