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Miscellaneous Acupuncture Therapies | Safety Harbor, FL

As an acupuncture and holistic medicine practice there are many different conditions that we can treat that are not directly associated with a large organ system in the body.  If you have some body complications that you are unsure of how to address, and you don’t want to spend the money on going to see your primary physician, then Root Healing Acupuncture may be the ideal solution for you.  Many of our patients are looking for something other than medicine or a referral to another doctor to find the best treatment for the condition that ails them.

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We also provide each of our patients with access to some of the highest quality supplemental vitamins and other nutrients to help them maintain their health.  Often, our patients can see improvement in their physical condition just by maintaining a proper balance of vitamin and nutrient intake.  If this seems like something you would be interested in, then you can ask our physicians for a consult to determine what sort of supplements you require to maintain your optimal health.

You will find that our goals are similar to yours in that we want to produce healthy patients, and you want to get healthy.

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