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Migraine Acupuncture Therapy | Safety Harbor, FL

migraineMigraines are a type of headache of which a significant number can be caused by poor liver and gall bladder function. The health of the liver affects the state of blood vessels and poor liver health means they are more likely to be constricted. This affects the gall bladder and the body’s ability to adapt to stress, causing a referral in the head, neck, and or shoulders.

Acupuncture Offers A Solution To Your Migraines! Call Now! 727-240-1793

Migraine pain can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Some people get warning symptoms, known as an aura, beforehand and the actual migraine can cause pain for periods lasting from hours to days. It can be very disabling.

At Root Healing Acupuncture we concentrate on achieving a balance and improving circulation, and this will help you immeasurably with your migraines.


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