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Incontinence Acupuncture Therapy | Oldsmar, FL

Incontinence is defined as loss of bladder control. Like most conditions, there are various degrees of severity that range from urine leakage when you cough or sneeze, to a sudden urge to urinate where you don’t get to the toilet on time.

There are temporary causes which are mainly of a dietary nature – caused by things such as caffeine, alcohol, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, to name a few. These ingredients act as diuretics that stimulate your bladder and increase the amount of urine.

More long term causes can include pregnancy, ageing, a hysterectomy, prostate cancer – a whole host of different things.

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At Root Healing Acupuncture, we help you to attain the balance within your body and its various systems, whose dysfunction leads to the conditions from which you are suffering. We can help you through the various techniques we employ to better deal with and handle your issues.

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