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Sexual Dysfunction Acupuncture Therapy | Oldsmar, FL

Sexual dysfunction encompasses a few different things. It includes sexual desire, response, orgasm or pain. It is something that affects both sexes and it can cause a lot of problems in people’s relationships and in their personal lives.

It can occur at any stage in your life. And like a lot of the conditions that people suffer from, it can either be acute or chronic, and can have a number of different causes.

There is a large list of physical problems that might result in sexual dysfunction which range from cancer, kidney failure and bladder problems, to certain medicines that a person is prescribed. Hormonal changes after menopause can also cause a change in sexual responsiveness.

Psychological and social factors also play a big role in determining your sexual health, contributing to and exacerbating any physical causes.

A Drug Free Solution To Sexual Dysfunction! Call Today! 727-240-1793

At Root Healing Acupuncture, through a combination of improving circulation, blood flow, and fixing the internal balance of the body in the affected area, we help you to handle your condition.

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