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*Knee Pain, Numbness in fingers -Clearwater.

I went and saw Dr. Gene Healy for numbness in fingers that occurred on and off throughout the day. I have also received treatment for knee pain. The numbness improved immediately with only one short episode in the first and second weeks. I received my first treatment for knee pain yesterday and for the FIRST TIME in YEARS I had no pain in the night. I am extremely pleased with the results and have already referred others!

–  Christina W.


Knee, Neck,  Lower back, Hip pain – Safety Harbor

I came to see Dr. Healy due to pain in hip, knee, neck and lower back (in that order).
Also, hot flashes. Pain in hip, knee and back are gone, as is that in lower back.
Hot flashes are almost gone.

–  Nellie K.


Swelling in both knees and swelling in both ankles, Osteoarthritis pain Tarpon Springs

Osteoarthritis pain and swelling in both knees and swelling in both ankles.
Post operative nerve pain on right side due to lung cancer surgery.

The swelling has gone down in both my knees and ankles, especially on the right.
The pain in both my knees and on my side has gotten a little better.
I recommend Dr. Healy to someone who has osteoarthritis pain and swelling.

I have been very happy with the improvement in my knees and ankles.
The post operative nerve has lessened.

–  Lillian O.


Knee pain, Menopause, Weight Loss in Dunedin 

Dr. Gene Healy has one of the best attributes of a healer: he listens. Carefully. The second of his best attributes is competence and effectiveness. Dr. Gene’s treatments have been of immeasurable help reducing knee pain after I was injured in a fall. In addition, he is working with me on more general life issues, including menopause and weight management. I highly recommend Root Healing Acupuncture.

–  Becky R.P.


Knee Pain and Cartilage Damage – Treasure Island

In July 2014, I had a reoccurrence of Bladder Cancer.  I have neuropathy from prior Chemo.  I have Bursitis of the right hip and cartilage damage in the right knee. I am being treated by a very good oncologist whose goal is remission. I needed holistic medicine and Gene was recommended by Florida Cancer Specialists.

I am about a third way through of the treatment plan that was formulated by Gene. My very painful Bursitis has been reduced by 75%, my knee pain is down 80%, and my neuropathy, on both feet, is down 50%. All have been accomplished without doctor prescribed pain medication. I am feeling better every day. Gene is a very knowledgeable medical practitioner and I would absolutely refer people to him.

Gene has exceeded all of my expectations. He listens to your thoughts on your symptoms. He thoroughly discusses your problems and describes an effective treatment, specifically for you.

–  Raymond B.


*Results can vary from person to person

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