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*Neck Pain, Nerve Pain – Palm Harbor, FL

I had shooting nerve pain down left arm from shoulder to finger tips with numbness in two fingers. I had been to 4 MD’s(neurologist, family practice physician, orthopedist and pain management doctors) and put on medications which helped some but was still having what I call “electric shocking pain”. I had difficulty sleeping and working. I was exhausted and frustrated. No one could help.

After treatments, I no longer have any shooting pain in left arm. I am able to sleep better. I have my energy back and able to enjoy my life again. I am blessed to have met Dr. Healy. I am off the medications, which made me extremely tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. I absolutely recommend Dr. Healy without hesitation. I am extremely satisfied. He’s the best!

–  Pamela H.


Neck, Lower back, Hip, Knee Pain – Safety Harbor, FL

I came to see Dr. Healy due to pain in hip, knee, neck and lower back (in that order).  Also, hot flashes. Pain in hip, knee and back are gone, as is that in lower back. Hot flashes are almost gone.

–  Nellie K.

Neck/ Lower back/ Shoulder pain, Digestion issues, Hot Flashes – Dunedin, FL

My experience with Dr. Healy has been amazing. I have been treated for hot flashes, lower back/neck/shoulder pain, and digestion issues. Dr. Healy was very personable and patient to determine the best treatment option for my specific needs. I was previously treated by a Chiropractor for my lower back, but did not get the long term results that Dr. Healy provided with acupuncture. I work in an office on a computer all day, and my lower back as well as neck/shoulder pain was unbearable. Gene (Dr. Healy) listened to my many concerns and within 2 visits my neck, shoulder and back pain was gone.. I couldn’t believe the difference in such few visits.

Dr. Healy also is working with me through herbal medicine to treat my “hot flashes”. Night sweats and hot flashes have greatly diminished since I started my herbal medicine about 4 weeks ago. Of course, I do have some residual hot flashes, but nothing compared to before. I am still continuing my herbal medicine regiment to continue to regulate my hormonal imbalance. You will definitely get the time, attention, and care you deserve with the entire Root Healing family. I can honestly say I have never received the kind of personal care anywhere else, and I am a 50 year old woman.

My digestion has also improved after years of acid reflux, and slow digestion. Dr. Healy is concerned about every area of discomfort I express to him and is committed to ensuring I receive the best long term results. He also offers meditation which I have enjoyed which provides the spiritual and emotional balance I much needed in my busy life.

I am so thankful that Dr. Healy has decided to settle in Dunedin and offer me and the community the opportunity to achieve the best health possible with his guidance.


–  Michelle L. 

Neck, Back Pain – Safety Harbor, FL

I came to Root Healing Acupuncture with neck and back pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I have been receiving treatment, my pain levels have decreased and I have stopped taking one of the RA medications that had terrible side effects. Acupuncture has helped significantly with the pain levels.

Dr. Healy and Dr. Kajdasz care about their patients and the entire staff is dedicated to your wellness. I am very satisfied with the progress and change to my health in working with Root Healing these past 5 months. I recommend them to friends and family and anyone who needs help.

–  A.B.


*Results can vary from person to person

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