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*Neuropathy, Restless Legs, Shoulder Pain & Digestive Issues| Safety Harbor

I came to see Dr. Healy for Neuropathy, restless legs, digestive issues with constipation, left shoulder pain and hormonal imbalance. After seeing Dr. Healy and receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my leg neuropathy improved with hardly any pain, restless legs improved with some restlessness still but greatly improved. My shoulder pain improved and I can now use it more for daily chores. My constipation improved and I am more alert and energized. I weigh less and have a healthier life style after taking supplements.
I share this experience everywhere I can. I am thankful to Dr. Healy and all of his staff for all of the help. I have my life back. I am so very satisfied with the progress I have made with the treatments, diet, exercise and healthy life style. I am so thankful that I found his office and called to make an appointment after years of Poor health.


– Carolyn H.

Neuropathy, Cancer | Safety Harbor

I visited Root Healing Acupuncture due to neuropathy in my left foot from chemo therapy.  Improvements have been great! It has allowed me to continue my chemo.

It has also given me almost 100% feeling back in my feet and toes. I am greatly satisfied and would most definitely recommend Dr. Healy.

–  Dave B.



Neuropathy, Cancer – Palm Harbor, FL

I had neuropathy in my hands, feet and legs from chemo. My ankles and lower legs were purple.

After treatments, I have more feeling in both my hands and feet. I am able to walk better. My ankles are no longer purple.

–  Jean S.



Neuropathy, Cancer – Dunedin, FL

I had neuropathy of both feet due to chemo therapy.

The pain and discomfort has diminished greatly with each treatment. They get better. On a scale of 1-10, I am satisfied 10+ with his treatment.

–  Donna H.



Neuropathy – New Port Richey, FL

–  Barbara C.

Neuropathy, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Hormone imbalance, Lymphedema

Are you a person who shutters when you hear the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine? I was that person….my shoulder was frozen and I couldn’t raise my arm above my head, my knee had arthritis,a hormone imbalance, lymphedema, and I suffered for years with neuropathy(foot nerve pain) that was a result of chemotherapy. In my head I was still young, but my body was on a different page. I did some research online and decided to go to Root Healing in Dunedin. Dr Healy has had extensive training in Asia and is highly-qualified in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I am a patient and each week I am getting stronger and healthier thanks to the excellent care I am getting..

–  Joan M.  


*Results can vary from person to person

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