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*Back pain – Safety Harbor, FL

I had strained my lower back area around L4+L5 vertebrae and I had little time to recover before my vacation. So, I asked Dr. Healy if he could help speed up my recovery time with some acupuncture.

My improvements were in circulation as well as an increased speed of recovery. I couldn’t afford to be sedentary. Dr. Healy isolated my problem area quickly and with his treatments I regained 50% of my flexibility within one treatment.

My overall level of satisfaction is high. Dr. Healy was efficient.  He listened well to my needs and his kind demeanor made for a great health recovery experience.

–  Scott E.


Back pain, Swelling in feet and ankles, COPD, Digestive issues – Dunedin, FL

I had Pain in lower back, swelling in feet and ankles. Water retention that was caused by an allergy to medication. It would not go away in period of 2~3 weeks even with elevating legs for long period of time. My legs and ankles have greatly improved.

A serious problem I had with indigestion, swallowing and producing gas so much when I lay down. I had trouble sleeping. After the first treatment I had little or no indigestion or excess gas.

I certainly think the treatments helped me although I was not sure of a new procedure and had tried many others before with little or no help. Hopefully others would be happy to try Dr. Healy’s skill on their problems.

I am happy and found relief so quickly in several areas. I encouraged my husband who had COPD to see if Dr. Healy could help him. The results have shown improvements when nothing else seemed to give him much hope.

We thank you for our improved health and will be glad to look forward to the future with a much better quality of life.

–  Lillian G.


Back pain – Oldsmar, FL

I sneezed and slipped a disc in my back. L5. Yes, a sneeze did that to me. I could barely get myself out of a chair and into a car to see Dr. Gene but managed to do so. Dr. Gene spent a tremendous amount of time with me and my wife, explaining his background, his culture and acupuncture itself as I have never tried an alternative method. After just one treatment I felt better. After each treatment I continued to get better and better. Am truly amazed. After a couple of months am almost back to 100%. No drugs, No shots and NO SURGERY. It doesn’t hurt. Dr. Gene, his wife, his sister are all great. They greet you with a smile, take time to speak with you. This isn’t a clinic of rushing people in and out as fast as possible. It’s truly a place that cares about getting you better. If you have never tried Acupuncture you should, the only thing you have to lose is the pain that your in. Well worth it.

–  Jeff B.


Back Pain, Facial Spasm – Clearwater, FL

I had facial spasm and paralysis. I also had back pain due to degeneration of my spine.

My face has improved and my friends all tell me how much better my face looks. Also, my back feels better, for sure. I believe in acupuncture and Dr. Healy. I’m very satisfied with my experience at Root Healing Acupuncture.

–  Carmela G.


Lower back, Hip, Knee, Neck Pain – Safety Harbor, FL

I came to see Dr. Healy due to pain in hip, knee, neck and lower back (in that order).  Also, hot flashes. Pain in hip, knee and back are gone, as is that in lower back. Hot flashes are almost gone.

–  Nellie K.


Lower back/ neck/ shoulder pain, Digestion issues, Hot Flashes – Dunedin, FL

My experience with Dr. Healy has been amazing. I have been treated for hot flashes, lower back/neck/shoulder pain, and digestion issues. Dr. Healy was very personable and patient to determine the best treatment option for my specific needs. I was previously treated by a Chiropractor for my lower back, but did not get the long term results that Dr. Healy provided with acupuncture. I work in an office on a computer all day, and my lower back as well as neck/shoulder pain was unbearable. Gene (Dr. Healy) listened to my many concerns and within 2 visits my neck, shoulder and back pain was gone.. I couldn’t believe the difference in such few visits.

Dr. Healy also is working with me through herbal medicine to treat my “hot flashes”. Night sweats and hot flashes have greatly diminished since I started my herbal medicine about 4 weeks ago. Of course, I do have some residual hot flashes, but nothing compared to before. I am still continuing my herbal medicine regiment to continue to regulate my hormonal imbalance. You will definitely get the time, attention, and care you deserve with the entire Root Healing family. I can honestly say I have never received the kind of personal care anywhere else, and I am a 50 year old woman.

My digestion has also improved after years of acid reflux, and slow digestion. Dr. Healy is concerned about every area of discomfort I express to him and is committed to ensuring I receive the best long term results. He also offers meditation which I have enjoyed which provides the spiritual and emotional balance I much needed in my busy life.

I am so thankful that Dr. Healy has decided to settle in Dunedin and offer me and the community the opportunity to achieve the best health possible with his guidance.

–  Michelle L. 


Back Pain and Weight Loss  – Dunedin, FL

I arrived at Root Healing Acupuncture horribly over weight! Also, I was suffering with lower back and knee pain. Stress through the roof.

I am delighted that in spite of a lot of traveling my back is vastly improved. My appetite, cravings and stress are under control and still losing weight. We are now working on the bad knee. I have already referred people and will gladly continue to do so.

I am very satisfied and thankful.


–  Deborah S. 


Back Pain, Weight Loss, Headache – Treasure Island, FL

Thank you so much for the nurturing care you have provided me. When I first arrived in your office, February 2015, I was only seeking some relief from my lower back pain. However after you conducted a thorough health screening, we discussed that I suffer from daily headaches and periodic migraine headaches that often cause me to be hospitalized. I have seen Neurologist and Allergist and they were only able to treat my symptoms with medications. I have spent hundreds of hours with massage therapist, but this only provided temporary relief from the head and neck pain. For more than 15 years I have taken pills daily to reduce or minimize my headaches.

After I received a series of consecutive acupuncture sessions, and I participated in a 21 day purification, I was only experiencing headaches every 3 or 4 days. My lower back pain was almost gone, and I lost almost 10 pounds.

I continued acupuncture treatments, 2 – 3 times a week for almost 5 weeks, and we added daily herbs. I was amazed I no longer needed to take medication for my headaches. I wanted to seek relief for my back pain but what I received was a correction to my healthy functions.

The treatments and care you provided has eliminated my back pain and removed my headaches. Whatever my imbalances were, they are now gone! I feel great, I have more energy and I sleep more soundly. I have been headaches free now for almost 3 weeks.

My 87 year old grandmother has suffered with lower back pain and sciatic nerve issues. She just had her 1st treatment today, with Dr. Gene and she had immediate relief. I can’t wait to see how her mobility improves and her pain reduces once she completes the next 5 treatments. Dr. Gene was very kind and gentle in working with my grandmother.

We are fortunate to have you as our new healthcare provider. Thank you and your wonderful staff again for your valuable time and heartfelt support.

–  Janet K.



Back pain – Oldsmar, FL

I came to see Dr. Healy for sudden lower back pain that made it difficult to move or even sleep. After getting acupuncture treatments, the lower back now feels pain free and feels stronger than before.

He has a very warm and friendly practice. I would recommend Dr. Healy to friends and family.


–  Pet D.


Back pain – Dunedin, FL


Hi, my name is Thomas, and I am 94 years old. I had back pain at a level of 10 before I came to Root Healing Acupuncture. I never thought I would walk without pain again. Now my pain is 0 out of 10! Thanks, Root Healing Acupuncture!



Lower back and Disk issues, Digestion issues – Dunedin, FL

I came to Dr. Healy with stomach lesions caused by anti-inflammatory medications, digestion issues, vitality issues and lower back and disc issues. My stomach lesions are almost healed due to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am able to eat a larger variety of foods and my digestion has improved. My vitality has also improved and my lower back and disc issues are all but gone.

I would definitely refer people to Dr. Healy. Western Medicine has its place in healthcare, but oriental medicine treats the whole body and the underlying problem and imbalances and so gets to the root of the health problems. I consider Dr. Healy my primary health care physician and I believe that he will keep me healthy.

–  Gloria B.



Back Pain, Neck Pain, Digestive issues, Type 2 Diabetes,  | Seminole, FL

I came to see Dr. Healy for high blood sugar, tight muscles in upper back due to stress, lower back pain, pinched nerve in neck, and digestion and vitality issues. My blood sugar has stabilized within normal range with the use of Chinese herbs. Also with the herbal formulations, my digestion and vitality have improved dramatically. My back and nerve pinch were relieved with acupuncture.

I am completely satisfied with the care that I receive from Dr. Healy and would refer friends and family to him with absolute confidence.

–  Sr. Peter B.


Back Pain, Cold | Oldsmar, FL

Great experience! I started going for back pain and they healed it completely! They are also wonderful when I get a cold. It’s gone in two days!!

–  Ginger P.

Back pain, Vertigo – Safety Harbor, FL

I came to Root Haling Acupuncture with chronic lower back pain, constipation, and vertigo. I have been treated with acupuncture, rapid release massage as well as various herbal teas.

My Improvement has allowed me to do activities that were prohibited by my back pain. From a high 10 of pain (on a scale of 1-10) I am now at a low level to 0 pain.

I am very pleased with my results with all of my conditions. His staff is professional as well as caring.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Healy to others. I wholehearted found his treatment quite satisfactory.

–  Larry H.


*Results can vary from person to person

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