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* Breathing Problems, Cancer, Hip Pain | Tarpon Springs, FL

While going to chemo, I had severe pain in my left hip.  Cindy from radiology mentioned an acupuncturist on site.  I talked to my oncologist Dr. Jooma who said, “Go for it.”  On a Wednesday, I met Gene and Serina.

I met with Gene 3 times and the pain in my hip improved.  During another chemo session, I was rushed to MPH for 2 weeks unable to breathe.  5 weeks later I was constantly on oxygen.

I saw Gene again and he introduced me to a new therapy, moxibustion, for my lungs.  After that visit, I am no longer on oxygen.

My quality of life has been restored to a degree I thought I would not ever see again. Gene Healy is a very calm, considerate man who takes time to explain the tactics he is using on me. My level of satisfaction is off the charts. Gene and Serina have lifted my spirits to a level I cannot do justice to with mere words. They gave LIFE back to me!

–  Bobby P.


*Results can vary from person to person

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