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Migraine headaches in Dunedin, near Palm Harbor and Clearwater.

*Headache, Migraine Clearwater | Headache

I have a 20 year history of migraines and headaches. I have been under the care of multiple neurologists and physicians to help treat them; finding some success but no answers as to the cause of the headaches. I became very uncomfortable with the number of prescriptions (for medicines that treat other conditions, i.e. blood pressure, depression, seizures) and wanted to seek a more holistic approach to my health.

Since beginning acupuncture and herbal therapy, my headaches are decreasing in both frequency and intensity. Previously, migraines would send me home for the day – into a dark, quiet room with an ice pack. Now, I am able to either keep a headache from fully developing, or when I do get one, it is less intense. Having such a long history, I cannot expect to eliminate headaches within a month. I am hopeful and committed and already see the benefit of treating the cause of the headache rather than the symptom.

I feel like Root Healing is Dr. Gene’s calling.  I can see his passion to help people. I feel truly cared for, which is priceless when you think about how important your health is and how essential the doctor is in facilitating that. I want my loved ones to have the same experience!

Dr. Gene, Serina, Suszanne are a great Team! From the first steps through the door, I feel genuinely welcomed and appreciated. There is concern not only for my health but me as a person. The office is run efficiently and they are friendly, caring and respectful of my time. Dr. Gene did a great job educating me on Traditional Chinese Medicine in a linear and progressive way that really helped me understand an alternative form of medicine. It allowed me to make an informed decision on the course of treatment that best suited me, got me in tune with how my body was feeling and helped monitor progress. I’m excited to continue using this holistic, intuitive approach to restore and maintain my health.


–  Jocelyn B.


*Results can vary from person to person


Headache, Migraine Dunedin | Headache

Dr. Gene is simply wonderful. He takes time and really gets to the root of why I’m feeling bad. I orginally went in for headaches, and within 3 months, headaches were gone and I felt amazing.

–  Jessica A


*Results can vary from person to person

Headache, TMJ | Headache

Headaches and TMJ are what brought me to seek care with Dr Healy. I have had both symptoms for over 20 years, I had been to a dentist, optometrist allergist, chiropractor and massage but nothing seemed to work. Don’t make acupuncture your last choice like I did. My headaches are minimal if not completely gone. I will always have TMJ but now have very little pain. Going from never having relief to having very little pain is a wonderful feeling. I would highly recommend Dr. Healy and associates as I am highly satisfied. Dr Healy and Dr Sorrells have been beneficial in my pain relief with headache and TMJ.


–  Lillian S.


*Results can vary from person to person

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