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*Lymphedema, Cancer | New Port Richey, FL

I had lymphedema in my right arm due to lymph node removal during mastectomy in 2010.

The swelling has improved greatly; nearly 50%. No more arm pain or shoulder pain from arm being heavy and hard. I was skeptical about acupuncture working since I had tried manual massage and pumping machine exercise but it has truly been the only thing that has brought me Relief!

–  Dorothy C.

Lymphedema, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Hormone imbalance, Neuropathy

Are you a person who shutters when you hear the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine? I was that person….my shoulder was frozen and I couldn’t raise my arm above my head, my knee had arthritis,a hormone imbalance, lymphedema, and I suffered for years with neuropathy(foot nerve pain) that was a result of chemotherapy. In my head I was still young, but my body was on a different page. I did some research online and decided to go to Root Healing in Dunedin. Dr Healy has had extensive training in Asia and is highly-qualified in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I am a patient and each week I am getting stronger and healthier thanks to the excellent care I am getting..

–  Joan M.  


*Results can vary from person to person

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