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*Menstrual Disorders, Acid Reflux, Ankle Pain | Dunedin, FL

The top of my foot was purple after I broke my ankle. It was sore and purple for 3 years and I finally decided to do something about it. He also helped me with my acid reflux and menstrual cramps.

After one treatment the purple color faded away a little and the pain was way less. After 3 treatments the color of my foot became normal and I was PAIN FREE! My acid reflux and menstrual cramps are also GONE! I’m very satisfied with Dr. Healy. He is very gentle and listens carefully. He has helped me with so much and I’m very thankful.

–  Kate E.


Menstrual issues, Ankle pain – Dunedin, FL

I have seen Dr. Healy for a couple of different issues and have been surprised how amazing acupuncture with him has helped me. First he helped me with a sprained ankle. It was painless and healed really fast. I found out that acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions, and we worked on my menstrual issues. Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine did a wonderful job. I feel great and trust him with my medical needs.

– Amber J.


Menstrual issues – Safety Harbor, FL

Dr. Healy & his team have brought great relief to my mind, body and spirit in just a few short months. They have assisted in eliminating my nasty menstrual cramps. I had a pain free period. Yes ladies…you read that right…PAIN FREE PERIOD. They are possible, it is not a myth. In addition, my night sweats have been eliminated and my stress levels have decreased significantly. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Healy, this team and their methods of treatment.

– Paige R.


Menstrual issues – Tampa, FL

I came to Root Healing Acupuncture for menstrual problems. My period started and I bled for 4 weeks. My OB doctor gave me birth control pills for this problem but it didn’t work .I received one acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs and when I got home after the treatment the bleeding had already stopped. A month passed and my period came normally and I had no problem at all.

I also brought in my mother who had serious digestive issues after she was treated for shingles in the hospital. We were scheduled for an endoscopy but wanted to try Dr. Healy’s care first. My mom’s stomach calmed down right on the table. Dr. Healy prescribed Chinese herbs and a bottle of supplements and she was healed. It was amazing.

Thank you so much Dr. Healy!

– Mihyn K.


*Results can vary from person to person

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