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*Shoulder pain, Insomnia, Tendonitis,

I had insomnia (sleeping 3hours or less) and increased anxiety – associated with use of Tamoxifen. I have also been treated for tendonitis of my right ankle and shoulder pain, resulting from torn rotator cuff.  The impact of acupuncture treatment has been amazingly beneficial to me. I am sleeping 5.5 – 6.5 hours on regular bases. Anxiety has reduced greatly. Increased left shoulder mobility with pain reduced to 2-3(used to be 8). Ankle pain and swelling is also improving.  Treatment and good service experience. Has been beyond my expectations.

–  Alma E.


Shoulder Pain, Digestion Problems

I had left shoulder pain and tension. Also, I had digestive issues.

As those are long term issues, I’ve noticed subtle and gradual changes in digestion. I also have noticed gradual increased range of motion in the shoulder, where there is reduced pain. I am very happy to have Gene as part of my health care team.

–  Nicole L.


Shoulder pain, Digestion issues, Hot Flashes, Lower back/ Neck pain

My experience with Dr. Healy has been amazing. I have been treated for hot flashes, lower back/neck/shoulder pain, and digestion issues. Dr. Healy was very personable and patient to determine the best treatment option for my specific needs. I was previously treated by a Chiropractor for my lower back, but did not get the long term results that Dr. Healy provided with acupuncture. I work in an office on a computer all day, and my lower back as well as neck/shoulder pain was unbearable. Gene (Dr. Healy) listened to my many concerns and within 2 visits my neck, shoulder and back pain was gone.. I couldn’t believe the difference in such few visits.

Dr. Healy also is working with me through herbal medicine to treat my “hot flashes”. Night sweats and hot flashes have greatly diminished since I started my herbal medicine about 4 weeks ago. Of course, I do have some residual hot flashes, but nothing compared to before. I am still continuing my herbal medicine regiment to continue to regulate my hormonal imbalance. You will definitely get the time, attention, and care you deserve with the entire Root Healing family. I can honestly say I have never received the kind of personal care anywhere else, and I am a 50 year old woman.

My digestion has also improved after years of acid reflux, and slow digestion. Dr. Healy is concerned about every area of discomfort I express to him and is committed to ensuring I receive the best long term results. He also offers meditation which I have enjoyed which provides the spiritual and emotional balance I much needed in my busy life.

I am so thankful that Dr. Healy has decided to settle in Dunedin and offer me and the community the opportunity to achieve the best health possible with his guidance.

–  Michelle L. 


Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain

I went to see Dr. Gene Healy for a bicep injury. After about 5 treatments of Acupuncture, along with herbs, I felt no pain and was able to return to normal activities like golf. I was very satisfied with the results and have returned for treatment with other areas. I would definitely recommend Dr. Healy to family and friends.

–  Roger W.  


Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Hormone imbalance, Lymphedema, Neuropathy

Are you a person who shutters when you hear the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine? I was that person….my shoulder was frozen and I couldn’t raise my arm above my head, my knee had arthritis,a hormone imbalance, lymphedema, and I suffered for years with neuropathy(foot nerve pain) that was a result of chemotherapy. In my head I was still young, but my body was on a different page. I did some research online and decided to go to Root Healing in Dunedin. Dr Healy has had extensive training in Asia and is highly-qualified in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I am a patient and each week I am getting stronger and healthier thanks to the excellent care I am getting..

–  Joan M.  


*Results can vary from person to person

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