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*Weight Loss, Type 2 Diabetes – Seminole, FL

I am Diabetic type 2. I have burning neuropathy. My toes were purple and Dr. Healy has done a great job in clearing them up.  Dr. Healy put me on a cleanse.  I have lost 23 lbs in 17 days. My sugar level as gone way down (Before detox it was 150, now it is 95). I feel so great. I highly recommend Dr. Healy.

– Robert B.


Weight Loss, Digestive Issues – Safety Harbor, FL

I came to Dr. Healy for uncomfortable digestion and weight loss. After a cleanse and some herbs I have lost 18 pounds and still continue to do so with diet changes. My digestion is also more comfortable. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Healy to others! He has a soothing and knowledgeable disposition and genuinely cares!

– Susan H.


Weight Loss – Palm Harbor, FL

The 21 day Detox helped me to lose weight(14lbs) and increase my energy. It helped me(forced me) to learn healthier food choices and I think gave me the keys to a healthier lifestyle.

–  David S.


Weight Loss – Dunedin, FL

I came to see Dr. Healy due to low energy, knee pain and I wanted to lose weight permanently.

After treatments and detox, I got off sugar. No, to low, cravings. High energy and no knee pain. I feel more like exercising to continue my quality of life. I lost 11 pounds in the two weeks of doing the detox.

I am very happy with Dr. Healy. I have been treated by many holistic doctors and doctors of oriental medicine. Dr. Healy is, by far, the best I have seen.

–  Sandy M.


Weight Loss and Anxiety – Palm Harbor, FL

Dr Healy is an amazing practitioner. He is a skilled and compassionate healer. With his help, I have lost 20 pounds and have also experienced relief from anxiety and depression. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs care.

–  Christina F.


Weight Loss and Back Pain – Dunedin, FL

I arrived at Root Healing Acupuncture horribly over weight! Also, I was suffering with lower back and knee pain. Stress through the roof.

I am delighted that in spite of a lot of traveling my back is vastly improved. My appetite, cravings and stress are under control and still losing weight. We are now working on the bad knee. I have already referred people and will gladly continue to do so.

I am very satisfied and thankful.

–  Deborah S. 

Weight Loss and Back Pain – Oldsmar, FL

I did the 21 Day Purification with Dr. Healey at Root Acupuncture and Healing and dropped over 7 pounds! My skin looks great, and I feel great! Thank you!


–  Jennifer R. 

*Results can vary from person to person

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