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Root Healing Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a solution to many conditions.  

Are you tired of not finding relief for something as common as back pain or being given medications that only address symptoms without curing the root of your illness? 


At Root Healing Acupuncture, we are interested in finding and addressing the causes of your suffering.  We look at the whole person as an individual and develop a complete treatment plan tailored to your needs that will assist you long after you leave the treatment room.  Whether you are suffering from and acute injury or a chronic condition, we can help you make a lasting recovery and achieve optimal health.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is acupuncture, herbal medicine and other treatment modalities such as Shiatsu and cupping.  TCM helps strengthen the body, alleviates pain and restores balance.
Medical yoga is yoga taught to address specific ailments that you have, giving you practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.


Meditation is the practice of returning to the present, seeing the mind for what it is and realizing your potential. Call for a free consultation on how acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine can help you.
Give yourself a chance to truly heal.

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